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WA12 500 Series Mic Pre

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71db of Gain. - CUSTOM DESIGNED Cinemag input and output transformers MADE IN THE USA! - TONE button – switches the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms. Changes the tone of both the mic and HI-Z inputs. - Fully Discrete. - High voltage 1731 style operational amplifier. - 48 volt Phantom Power. - Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4″/TRS. - Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4″/TRS. - 2 Meg Ohm True HI-Z input on front panel. Sends instrument signal through entire circuit including both Cinemag Transformers and the discrete operational amplifier. Great for guitars, bass, keyboards and other instruments that have a 1/4″ output jack. - -20db pad. - External power plug for low noise.


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WA12 500 Series Mic Pre

WA12 500 Series Mic Pre